YG 1- 3S / M / L Glass Shape/ Rhombic Shape/Rhombic Shape and Inner Circle Grinding Machine
YG1-3S can process peripheral on different shape glass. Equipped with three wheels to perform rough, fine grinding and polishing. Process different edge according to different grinding wheels. Gear system is adjustable according to bevel requirement. The pneumatically controlled wheels moved vertically.
With the functions of YG1-3S, YG1-3M can also process the popular wavy rhombic mirror with mould.

YG1-3L combine with shape edging machine and inner circle machine. It can grind the inner circle of 100mm-500mm diameter.

The above machine process dimensions: 300mm-2100mm. (YG1-3S can process min diameter 100mm). Installed power : 2.9kw occupancy : 3m X3m.

YG1-4S/L & YG1-5S/L Glass Inner And Outer Circles Grinding Machine
Pneumatically revolve to process glass outer circle/ oval 400mm-1300mm.or inner circle/ oval 200mm-500mm. and it can also grinding and polishing the edge of glass washing basin. Installed power : 3kw, Occupancy : 2.5m X 2.5m.

YG1-5L, its long arm permit it process glass outer circle : 400mm X1800mm. And double    inner circles 200mmX450mm.

YH1-6 Glass Shape Grinding / Bevelling Machine
Suitable for round, oval and shape glass bevelling, edging and polishing, different shape edge according to different grinding wheels. The machine adopted high strength iron casting, enhance its rigidity and steady precision. Five starred plate and arms are perfect water proof Brake setting is avoid occurring diastema when the worm shaft is running continuously. Easy use and convenient maintenance due to the advanced Japan vacuum generator, in addition high quality element make this
 machine becomes an ideal corollary equipment for glass process.

YG2-2 Glass Belt Grinding Machine

Equipped with two motors which revolve two sanded belt to process glass edge, manual transmit, aris grinding can be finished swiftly.

Suitable to process glass doors, windows and the glass before tempering. Glass dimension: 400mm-2000mm, installed power: 3kw, Occupancy : 1m X 2m.

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