YG 1-1D/ 1-1DP/ 1-1DL Glass Drilling and Fetching Machine

Pneumatic Clamping, Drilling or Fetching by the upper and lower drill-bits automatically. High efficiency and easy operation. Installed power 1.7 -2.2 kw. Occupancy : 1.65m X 2.6m. Model YG1-1DL / 1-1 Dare equipped with pneumatic driving platform to support large size glass. Drilling diameters 4mm -220mm thickness: 3mm-30mm.Drilling centre to vertical column distance: YG1-1D:1030m.YG1-1DL : 1230mm.

YG1-1DP drilling diameters 3mm - 220mm, suitable to process fashionable Glass Bowls and Wash Basin Counters.

YH 1-1DL Glass Drilling Machine
Glass is fixed and held by pneumatic unit. The hole is drilled by upper and lower drill bits successively. It is equipped with a pneumatic table, which supports large size glass. The distance between the centre of drilling hole and vertical column is 1230mm. High efficiency and easy operation.
Drilling hole diameter: 5mm-200mm; Glass thickness: 3mm-30mm; Occupancy: 1.65m X 2.6m.



YG 1-2 Glass Corner Edging Machine
Pneumatically suck the glass to grind circular edge, flat edge and shape edge at angle parts of flat glass corner. Equipped with 1-2 grinding wheels to grinding and polishing glass. Grinding wheel rises and drops pneumatically. Installed power : 1.5 kw, Occupancy : 1m X 1m.